Chapter 4 (Title TBD)

CHAPTER 4 Farren ran up the stairs to her room, quickly slamming the door behind her, and began stuffing everything she owned into two saddlebags and her satchel. There wasn’t much. She left out a clean pair of clothes to change into, got rid of her ill fitting boots, and began to roll up her other clothes stuffing them into each side. Her heart was racing as she remembered that she would once again be on her own out there in the dark. Fear trickled down her spine, and caused her body to coil up. She would do it whether … Continue reading Chapter 4 (Title TBD)

Chapter 3 (Title TBD)

Chapter 3 A creak from the doorway pulled Gabriel’s attention to the doorway, and his breathing slowed to a steady pace. He feigned sleep. The footsteps crept quietly toward the edge of his bed. He let his left hand slide under the pile of pillows above his head, grip the long dagger he slept beside, and swung it around with a yell. “My word, man!” The tip of the dagger was only an inch away from the intruders face, “You could’ve killed me! What are you thinking brandishing a weapon like that?” Through his sleep clogged brain, Gabriel recognized who … Continue reading Chapter 3 (Title TBD)

Chapter 2 (Title TBD)

Farren dragged herself behind the prince allowing all worry and anxiety to slip through the cracks of her mental armor.  “This way” Prince Gabriel led her down the hallway full of heavy tapestries and crystal chandeliers, wide mirrors that made the grandeur of the castle that much bigger, and random pieces of furniture along the way brought the hall together. The prince made a sharp turn to the left and led her down a shorter hallway until they came to a small, narrow set of stairs. Each step that Farren took felt as if it were dragging her down. Her … Continue reading Chapter 2 (Title TBD)

Chapter 1 (Title TBD)

Gabriel bounces up and down on his horse as the cobblestones gave way to dirt and grass. The brightness of the sun blinded him momentarily as he trekked closer to the forest.  Each day his father had all of the most mundane chores for him to do–duties endowed to a prince by birth–his father would say. Gabriel could not disagree more.  Each day after he’d visited the merchants and day traders in the market, Gabriel would venture behind the gates to the trees that lined the lake beyond the hills. During fall days such as this, the sun was already … Continue reading Chapter 1 (Title TBD)

Prologue (Title TBD)

Smoke filled the room, overwhelming all of my senses. I tripped over my own two feet as I tried to make my way out of my bedroom. There was a fire somewhere in my home. Wherever my parents were I had to find them immediately. I coughed. Lungs burning, spotted vision, and ragged breathing all told me how much trouble we were really in. The halls never seemed so long until now, our home never so big, yet I couldn’t seem to reach the end–I couldn’t find the stairs. “Mother!” I screamed though my throat was raw. My hands guided … Continue reading Prologue (Title TBD)


Fear creeps in and crawls around my head, it’s usually late at night, in the dark, in my room, in my bed. Doubt stops by and it makes me wonder about who I am, what I can do, who I will be, until my heart pounds as loud as thunder. Sadness is next with how it pulls at my heart strings, it takes away joy, it knows that without it I cannot sing. Loneliness, it knows just how to make the tears fall, it keeps me isolated, keeps my heart heavy, it tells me no one sees, no one cares, … Continue reading Enemies

There were seven…

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS IS A LOT LONGER THAN WHAT I NORMALLY WRITE. BE PREPARED IT MAY TAKE A BIT LONGER. THAT BEING SAID I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!* “Amy…Amy…” A foggy voice pulled me slowly out of the nap that I was in. “Wake up, we’re here.” I groaned as I slowly sat up, stretching, and rubbing my eyes before I looked out the window. The gravel underneath the van popped and crackled, and Shane nudged me with a goofy grin on his face as he pointed to the cabin just up the road. I looked out the windows on … Continue reading There were seven…